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Insurance Services in Springfield, LA

My Insurance, LLC in Springfield offers several services to meet the needs of home and business owners.

Auto & Boat Insurance

Boat and Auto Insurance in Springfield, LA

We offer several, customizable insurance policies for your car, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, or boat. We have the knowledge to understand the specific needs and requirements of different types of coverage. You can get liability only or full coverage for your auto insurance. Company and commercial vehicles will require multiple driver coverage and specialized coverage for large trucks, vans, and service vehicles. Motorcycle insurance typically has a higher bodily injury limit as riders are exposed to the open road and weather elements. Boats travel on water and require additional coverage related to the safety of operation and passengers.

Home & Business Insurance

Home and Business Insurance in Springfield, LA

We also have policies to cover your home of any size, along with mobile homes. For business owners, we have policies to protect your building, content, employees, and property. My Insurance, LLC in Springfield also offers workman’s compensation insurance to ensure your employees can recover comfortable without suffering financially while they are gone.

Professional Tax Services

Professional tax servince in Springfield, LA

The more assets you have, the more complicated your tax returns can become. We offer professional tax preparation for individuals and businesses. Not only will getting your taxes done by My Insurance, LLC save you time and ensure they are filed correctly, it will also maximize your deductions and refund amount. We have the resources to look for every tax break you qualify for; some you may not have thought of on your own. It will also get your refund back to you faster. We can organize your tax return information to include investments, stocks, and other items beyond the basic income or revenue tax.

Notary Services

Our Springfield insurance agency provided notary services when required for legal purposes. Notaries serve as a witness to the signing of documents to ensure they were indeed signed, signed by the correct parties, and that no forgery was attempted when signing the documents. Notaries are needed for transfer of assets such as wills, deeds, and trusts, medical documents, power of attorney, affidavits, and more.

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